About Britannia Printers Inc

Britannia Printers started as a letterpress shop in the mid 1940s. Over the years we've undergone many changes as technology has evolved, from setting type with hot lead, to hand developing film for offset printing, to CTP and digital printing. One of our key strengths is that while we've made every effort to stay on top of the new technological advances, we do still have a strong foundation in traditional printing which opens up some creative possibilities, merging digital with letterpress for example.

Some of our main products are Magazines, Business Forms (continuous and snap set), Cheques, Business Cards, Postcards, Posters, Catalogues, Labels, Tags Rolls or Singles, really at our root we're a custom print shop and love to tackle any project you care to throw our way.

Our equipment includes Heidelberg Presses and pre-press, Xerox Digital, Full Bindery as well as 3 17" width web presses for Business forms, so we're ready to handle your short, medium and long run jobs.