Magazines (Including Journals and Annual Reports)

Magazines have for many years been one of the mainstays of our business. Business or religious publications, educational and medical journals are all part of what we do.

You can choose to print on glossy coated stock, silk finished coated stock or non-coated stock – each will give your production its own unique appeal. The vast majority of the paper we print on is FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and there are excellent choices available right up to 100% pcw (post-consumer waste) recycled paper.

Running a magazine takes one of two different workflows depending on size and quantity. For larger quantity runs your project would run on our state-of-the-art Heidelberg 8-colour perfector press using the highest quality stochastic screening technology. For smaller quantity runs (some clients run as few as 50 per issue) your project would run on our brand new high speed digital press. Both options give excellent results for colour integrity and sharp vibrant images.

Binding options for magazines and journals generally fall into one of two choices.
Saddle/stitching is the traditional “magazine” binding with 2 staples through the spine or fold. This is the most cost effective mode of binding, and is very strong as far as holding all the pages in place long term. The second option which is most often chosen for larger publications is called “perfect” binding which is held together using a high strength glue. One of the main advantages of perfect binding is that it produces a flat or square spine that can have text printed on it for easy viewing while sitting on a shelf and also perfect binding allows for a much larger production in terms of number of pages.

Large files for magazine production may be sent via our FTP site.