The Newsletters Time to Shine!

With the proliferation of the World Wide Web many companies and organizations chose to move to e-versions of their newsletters as their primary avenue for spreading their message.

While the ease of sending out information this way is enticing, the ability to filter out and delete has also increased. Email marketing has such an impersonal feel that it is nothing to wake up in the morning and send a dozen ‘junk’ emails straight to trash without even seeing who they’re from.

However many non profit and for profit groups are rediscovering the value of a printed newsletter to help them stand apart from the crowd. There is something about holding a piece of paper in your hands that has a connection emotionally. Especially when attention has been paid to creating an exceptional piece.

Great photography and design will be at the forefront of drawing in people’s attention, however their emotional connection will increase with each tactile sensation introduced. Quality paper is a great addition, add to that some specialty finishing (emboss, foil, spot gloss, etc.) and you’ve got something that will make people sit up and take notice!

So next month, instead of being just one of another dozen deleted emails, why not be that one special newsletter that shows up that people read front to back, that sits on the coffee table for weeks, that makes a memorable impression.