The (not so) New Normal

While we all hope that in the not to distant future vaccines and quarantines will solve this COVID-19 issue, businesses that are determined to not only survive but thrive throughout this are actively making changes to their operations to adapt to the (not so) New Normal!
Meeting virtually works but it lacks the personal touch that a corporate function or a face to face sales call brings. We’ve worked with several of our corporate clients to brand boxes that they’ve filled with any number of promotional items and shipped to their own staff to open in corporate team building zoom meetings. Schools have done similar things for commencements, summer camp in a box was another innovative idea.
Why not turn to print to bring that personalized touch back to your day to day interactions. A printed catalogue, direct mail with interactive link, or your own business in a box to pique the interest of a potential client before your sales call.
Taking a look at traditional printed materials, with their tactile attributes and unique personalized touches may indeed be the best way to make the New Normal, just…normal.

Summer in a Box