Customized Postal Indicias

By Matthew Saunders | 2019-11-20 | Comments Off on Customized Postal Indicias

Canada Post now allows customized postal indicias. They’re the perfect way to add that ‘finished’ look to your mailer.

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Square Spine Binding

By Matthew Saunders | 2019-11-20 | Comments Off on Square Spine Binding

Everyone loves the look of a nice square spine on a book, ‘Perfect Binding’ is the most common method of this where the spine of the inside sheets are covered with glue and the cover is wrapped around. It may be the most popular method of bonding with the majority of paperbacks and magazines using…

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Nice Paper Matters

By Matthew Saunders | 2019-10-30 | Comments Off on Nice Paper Matters

It seems we’re often so caught up with the world of ‘lowest price’ that we miss the value a premium product provides. We need to especially remember this in the world of print where a marketing piece, business card or letterhead can make that all important first impression. I was reminded about this the other…

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Paper Recycling in Canada

By Matthew Saunders | 2019-10-09 | Comments Off on Paper Recycling in Canada

According to the overall recovery rate for paper and paper-based packaging in Canada is 70% making it one of the top paper recycling countries in the world. Recovery rates above 75% are hard to achieve because a portion, like paper towels cannot be recovered due to contamination, others like books are kept for a…

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Giving Tuesday

By Matthew Saunders | 2018-11-26 | Comments Off on Giving Tuesday

We’re very pleased to be a sponsor of The Neighbourhood Group’s Giving Tuesday fundraising efforts. Check out No Bull Burgers great offer! Tickets can be bought here¬†Giving Tuesday¬† or on site at The Neighbourhood Group and at No Bull Burgers, 1019 Kingston Road, Toronto!

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The Newsletters Time to Shine!

By Matthew Saunders | 2018-10-02 | Comments Off on The Newsletters Time to Shine!

With the proliferation of the World Wide Web many companies and organizations chose to move to e-versions of their newsletters as their primary avenue for spreading their message. While the ease of sending out information this way is enticing, the ability to filter out and delete has also increased. Email marketing has such an impersonal…

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Square Fold Saddle Stitch

By Matthew Saunders | 2018-09-26 | Comments Off on Square Fold Saddle Stitch

Ask us about square fold saddle stitch binding. A great option to help thicker saddle stitched books lay flat!

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By Matthew Saunders | 2018-09-11 | Comments Off on Magazines

We’ve been printing magazines for over 60 years, since the days of lead type and letterpress machines. Today our 8 Colour Heidelberg 40″ Press chews through larger runs of magazines, while our Xerox digital press with inline finishing makes smaller runs quick and easy for publications just starting out!

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Short Run Book and Publication Printing!

By Matthew Saunders | 2018-06-22 | Comments Off on Short Run Book and Publication Printing!

We’ve added a Xerox V180 with 3 side trimming and saddle stitching to help with demand for short run book and publication printing. This will finish a saddle stitched book with trimming inline. We also do Perfect Binding, Coil Binding and Sewn Hardcover books!

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Ajax Pickering Board of Trade Truck Ad!

By Matthew Saunders | 2018-06-21 | Comments Off on Ajax Pickering Board of Trade Truck Ad!

Here is a picture at the unveiling of our new ad on the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade Truck!

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